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Adapting Yoga for Special Populations

An Introduction for Yoga Teachers and Health Care Providers

Would you like to offer yoga to anyone, regardless of their ability to do asanas in a typical class environment?

Would you like to reach special populations such as students with disabilities, chronic health conditions, the elderly, and people with movement limitations?

  Learn how yoga can develop the relationship between mind and body to help students and patients move with more ease, stability, and confidence.

Discover how adaptive yoga practice can develop students' body awareness and proprioception.

Experience how breath work and mindfulness practices allow students and patients to feel more centered and calm.

Learn the 4 guiding principles of an adaptive yoga practice and how they assist students in being integrated on all levels.

Observe and participate in a yoga class with adaptive students.


September 19-21     Seattle, WA • 18 Hours of Training

Register by August 25 for early bird pricing of $285, after this $300 by calling us at (425) 941-4878 or email:cyndi@fullcircleyogaarts.com

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About Cyndi

Cyndi's teaching style encourages students to have fun and find a sense of freedom in their bodies, regardless of physical limitations. Her classes are full of learning and encouragement for students to find what works best in their own bodies. She encourages questions during class and dialogue with students, so her classes feel spontaneous -like a yoga learning laboratory.

Cyndi was trained in therapeutic yoga at Samarya Center in Seattle.

"... encourages students to have fun and find a sense of freedom in their bodies, regardless of physical limitations..."
She has worked as a yoga therapist for 7 years, both in private practice and in teaching public group classes. She specializes in working with people who have movement challenges, autoimmune issues, and chronic health conditions.

She developed and directed the Yoga for Students with MS program at Swedish Hospital's MS Center for 5 years.

She gives workshops and trainings on Adapting Yoga for Disabilities, and also acts as a mentor for yoga teachers and healthcare professionals wanting to incorporate adaptive yoga skills into their teaching and practice.

She is continuously studying the best approaches to teaching therapeutic yoga and is currently studying Adaptive Yoga with Matthew Sanford. She is in the process of establishing an Opening Yoga to Everyone class in Seattle based on the model developed by Matthew Sanford at Mind Body Solutions.

Her work on Adaptive Yoga has been published several times in Yoga Therapy Today:

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